Thursday, 13 February 2014

Stockholm Directory - Bokslukaren - Mariatorget Sodermalm

My sisters-in-law introduced me to this lovely little kids' bookstore in Stockholm's Mariatorget in Sodermalm.  I wanted to add it to the Stockholm Directory because it is a nice place to be.  I know, you're thinking, "but Ange, what does this have to do with design?".  Nothing.  We'll call it a lifestyle post and leave it at that.  Bokslukaren is a small business that relies on the patronage of locals and a lot of word of mouth.  There is a little cafe in the back, which is a cozy place to look at books with the kids and grab your caffeine fix.  And if you're an expat like me with very limited Swedish, then (some of) the books here are close to your level.  Side Note:  I was getting confident that I could read Swedish as I've been able to translate a particular kid's book into English for my 4 year old (he hates hearing me pronounce Swedish words) but then I picked up a Bamse comic book and was put right back in my place...

Translation just in ... Bokslukaren means eating books or to enjoy reading lots of books.  What do we call that in English?  Bookworm?  Anyone got anything better?

Mariatorget 2
118 48 Stockholm

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