Saturday, 21 December 2013

Glögg Martini

I was preparing to make a traditional glögg but I realized that it would be ... boring.  So, as promised, here's a drink full of real booze.  Introducing the Glögg Martini!



Mix equal parts sugar and cinnamon on a small plate.   Moisten the rim the glass with a lemon wedge and then dip the rim in the cinnamon mixture.


2 oz       Red Wine
1/2 oz    Vodka
1/2 oz    Cointreau
pinch of ground cloves
cinnamon stick

Fill a martini shaker about half way with ice.  Add the wine, vodka, cointreau and crushed cloves and shake vigorously - you want to break up the ice a bit so that the martini ends up being very cold.  Strain into the prepared glass.  You can add some of the ice too if you want to keep your drink cold.  Garnish with a cinnamon stick and raisins.

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