Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas Market - Gamla Stan Stockholm

The Gamla Stan Christmas Market  (to pronounce correctly you need to drag out those "A"s like an old aristocrat - Gawwmla Stawwn) begins around the 20th of November every year and ends on the 20th of December.  The square where the market is held is one of the most famous sights of Stockholm though many, I doubt, know where it actually is.  Somehow I always end up here around the last 2 weeks before Christmas.  There isn't much to buy here at all.  There are candy booths (but of course there are, this is Sweden!  Here's more on the Swedes and their godis.)  You can get fresh glögg, hard bread (knäckebröd), jam and nuts.  There's even some light gambling, for the kiddies of course.  I think the popularity of the Gamla Stan Christmas Market is the experience of being there, in the beautiful square, with the old architecture and all that culture.


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