Thursday, 21 November 2013

Stockholm Directory - Två Sekler Present and Inredning

Along Odengatan between Torsgatan and Norrtullsgatan, there is a collection of  antique and curiosity shops. I always find these shops a little more intimidating to browse as they are often very small, cramped and the proprietor is usually a bit of a wild card, so to speak.  I felt  particularly sociable the other day and decided to check out a few of them.  Design Stockholm's latest addition is one of these shops.  Två Sekler Present and Inredning is an eclectic mix of antiques, new and reproduction furniture, lighting and decorative objects.  The proprietor is lovely.  The basement, which houses some of the antique stock, is a small and appropriately charming space dug directly into the stone.  Två Sekler doesn't have a website so this is a place you'll have to check out in person.  You'll likely find a few things you love.



Två Sekler Present and Inredning
Odengatan 94
113 22 Stockholm
tel. 08 31 51 51
mobile. 0709 90 13 12

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