Thursday, 7 November 2013

Stockholm Directory - Superfront

SUPERFRONT makes doors and counter tops that fit the dimensions of IKEA cabinets and wardrobe systems.  The designs are fantastic and come in an array of colours not carried at IKEA.  The look is clean yet decorative without losing that typical Scandinavian aesthetic.  What I love about this is that it makes things so easy ...  and it's affordable.  Furthermore, if you went with an IKEA kitchen the first time around and now want to update, you can completely change the look and feel of your kitchen in just a few days, for a fraction of the cost ... by yourself (or with a friend)! 


Images -

Perfect for bedrooms and consoles as well.  They also have a great collection of legs, knobs and pulls.

Tegnergatan 5
111 40 Stockholm



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