Thursday, 24 October 2013

Stockholm Directory - Jula

Jula's Pre-mixed Line of Paint
Jula is a big chain, self-proclaimed DIY supermarket. The selection ranges from outdoor activities, car supplies, building supplies and electrical.  Jula is great if you are on a budget as the the price point is really low.  The selection in each department is limited but worth taking a look, you may find something you love.  In addition to several fun finds, Jula carries a line of pre-mixed paint.  Nothing fancy but if there's a colour they have that you like, you could save thousands of kronor.  Perhaps after you spend a dark winter here you'll want to paint your entire house white anyway.  There's a very good reason Scandinavians are known for their minimalistic, white interiors.

Tangentvagen 16
14175 Kungens Kurva Stockholm

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