Monday, 20 May 2013

The Garden Wishlist

Purple Flower Garden

1. The Flower Garden

Blue and purple room - photo House Beautiful
Purple.  That is the colour that is number 1 on my wishlist.  The plot in front of the house is where I would like to put a lush purple and royal blue flower garden.  I was never a fan of purple until a few years ago when I saw a picture of a purple garden in a French publication and fell in love.  We already have the lilacs so that will be a canopy of sorts for the flower garden.  I just hope that Sweden has the variety of plants to make this really work.
(Good chance this will happen)

Wishlist Coal Grill

 2. Coal Grill BBQ

We have a gas BBQ in the front of the house, which works perfectly for brunch and lunch, when the sun is strongest there.  In the late afternoons and evenings of the long Swedish summer days, the sun moves to the back of the house.  I would love a slower cooking BBQ in the back, off the kitchen, where everyone can relax and enjoy the summer evenings.
(Not likely I'll be granted this wishlist item)

3. Berry Bushes


In addition to the flower and vegetable gardens, we have cleared a small spot at the front where we plan to put in some blueberries for all the little cousins to enjoy.  The bushes are low and sprawling and will therefore not interrupt the view of the pond.
The kids are generally inclined to play at the front of the house.  I thought it would be a good idea to plant raspberries in the backyard to lure the kids to the back in the evening so the adults can keep an eye on them while drinking wine making dinner. 
(Chances are good...if they can withstand the attacks from overeager kids)


4. Vegetable Garden


Mystery Sprouts
This plot is not yet clear and it'll be the biggest challenge yet.  I did grow some sprouts from seeds my sister-in-law brought over at easter. I didn't label them properly so it will be a "your guess is as good as mine" type of garden until the plants show their identities.  Next year I think I will go with the pre-sprouted option.  I'm not that skilled, or dedicated to a major sprouting project.
(Again, it's the clearing of the plot that will decide the fate of this wishlist item - chances are good)

Granite Cobblestone -

5. Paths Around the House


It seems to me that Sweden is made of granite.  The gravel they put on the country roads is granite.  So,  I would like some granite paths around the house and a granite driveway (I'll settle for the gravel version for the driveway).
(Simply? Not going to happen but this is a wishlist so...)

CAD Drawing of Property with the Wishlist Items' Locations