Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Spring is Here! (?)

We have a little pocket of the Swedish countryside.  There is a traditional farmhouse, a snickarbod* and a pond, complete with stream.  These are the adventures of a gardening enthusiast who, while completely unqualified, doesn't mind (read loves) getting her hands dirty.

snickarbod*  This is a small building used as a workshop situated on the property of a farmhouse. 


Swedish Countryside Spring Thaw

Swedes are very anxious for the arrival of spring.  After the long, dark winter, the promise of warm weather and bright nights, seems the answer for everything.  And I think I have to agree.  Recently we have had short blasts of spring only to be squashed by a snow/hail storm or a dip in the already miniscule increase in temperature.  I think things are finally going to thaw and these will be one of the last crisp nights, foggy with the condensation of the last of the winter snow.

Side Path After Removal of Thick Grass Cover

Much of the property has been overtaken by plants, grass and bushes. Over the past couple of weeks we have been working on clearing the overgrowth of grass from the side path which faces the road.  The many lilac bushes have been trimmed, as have the apple trees. Before anything can be planted there are a couple of plots that need to be turned.  One will be a flower garden and the other a vegetable garden.  Over the next few weeks the hard labour will be done before the planting can begin, after the last frost.

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