Friday, 19 April 2013


There are four Bauhaus warehouses in the Stockholm area. This is Sweden's answer to what North Americans call Home Depot. You will find tools, screws and nails etc., hinges, plumbing, electrical, flooring, wood planks, trim and moulding, plants, lighting, lawn maintenance machines, paint and accessories.  I love these types of stores - big, unpretentious and full of stuff! This is not the place to look for designer originals but it gets the job done, so to speak, and you may find a gem or two.  In fact, I found the greatest beveled tile for a kitchen backsplash at a fantastic price.

Bryggerivägen 12 D
16867 Bromma, Stockholm
Telefon: 08- 517 080 00

Enköpingsvägen 41
17738 Järfälla, Stockholm
Telefon: 08-5191 91 00

Gamla Nynäsvägen 600
14251 Länna, Skogås, Stockholm
Telefon: 08-519 19 800

Segersbyvägen 26
14563 Norsborg, Stockholm
Telefon: 08-534 704 00

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