Friday, 22 March 2013


Grandpa - Kungsholmen, Stockholm

 Grandpa is a mix of interior design, antiques, books, fashion and jewellery.  The selection, although sparse in each category, is very well curated.  The shop is decorated with wood and warm, calm colours, and has a cozy feel.  In fact if you want to stick around for a while, there's a café too.  At Grandpa they have successfully bridged the gap between pretentious and, well for lack of a better word, unpretentious.

A quick glance at the things that can be found at Grandpa...

 Team Grandpa Beanie - 400kr ($63..ahem)

And we Canucks call this a toque.

Industrial Chair - 1800kr ($284)

Now that is a great price for such a fantastic piece ... I think we can all agree on that.

Tumbler Glass - 60kr ($9.50)

May seem a little steep for the frugal shopper but I do know of a great cafe in Stora Essingen where they use these for lattes which means these pretty little glasses are tough and up for the challenge.


Fridhemsgatan 43
112 46 Stockholm

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