Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Hötorget - Hötorgshallen Update

 A great way to make your home look and feel fresh is to add fresh flowers.  There are flower stores and kiosks scattered all over Stockholm but I feel like this is the type of thing you want to buy in an open market.  In my opinion, having access to an open air market gives your basic life quality a boost.  The selection is better and the vendors' need to reel you in usually makes them quite animated or super cranky which is also good for a laugh.  Stockholm's open air market, Hötorget* is located just off of Drottninggatan (the pedestrian shopping street) in the courtyard outside the Konserthus, which is painted the prettiest shade of blue.  The majority of what you will find at the market is fruit, vegetables, flowers and luggage (of course?).  And to add to its charm it is a flea market on Sundays!

Hötorget Flower and Fruit and Vegetable Market - Stockholm Directory


(Update - October 23, 2013)

My home town of Toronto is a multicultural hot spot.  There are "Little insert country"s throughout the city.  ChinaTown, GreekTown, Little India, Little Jamaica, Little Italy, you name it.  Each with its own culturally specific grocery shops.  Grocery shopping can be a lot of fun in Toronto.  But here in Stockholm, I had only ever seen the big name grocery stores with their very limited selection and often not the highest quality ingredients.  I was recently given a little tip from a native of Greece when we were discussing the best place to get olives - Hötorgshallen.  Located in the basement of the movie theatre flanking one side of the outside market, Hötorgshallen is a little market with a great variety of venders selling all sorts of fresh meat, cheese and produce.  Check it out when you are picking up your flowers and produce outside.

 Hötorget* - Hay Market.
 I can only assume that this goes back many centuries to when people would have come to the central part of the city to trade.

Hötorget - Norrmalm

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